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Janelle Bryan, MSW

Janelle Bryan, MSW

Research Interests

Janelle Bryan, MSW has over 10 years experience in community health center administration, including program development, grants management and public relations.  Janelle ‘s dissertation research will assess healthcare professionals’ attitudes, knowledge and screening behaviors regarding intimate partner violence in her native Barbados.  Her study will position her to make a contribution to the development of policy related to gender-based violence and mental health as essential public health policy priorities in Barbados and the Caribbean. Her postdoctoral goals include obtaining a social work faculty position and conducting research evaluating organizational and systemic factors affecting integrated health service delivery in the Caribbean, and enhancing healthcare service delivery for Caribbean populations in the United States. As an educator and macro practitioner with an international focus, Janelle hopes to bring a relevant global and context-specific perspective to her teaching, research and scholarship.


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