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Jennie Albert, MSW, LCSW

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Research Interests

Jennie Albert, MSW, LCSW has over twenty years of practice and research in Connecticut’s criminal justice system which has augmented her pedagogy and scholarship focus upon the policy and practice needs of the system, its clients and the social work service providers within those systems.  Jennie’s research interests include:

  • Social work in indigent defense (assessment, planning and mitigation),
  • Reducing reliance on pretrial incarceration,
  • Longitudinal impacts of mass incarceration and racial and ethnic disparity in the criminal and juvenile justice systems,
  • Understanding the relationship of forensic social work practice to the field of criminal and juvenile justice and,
  • Understanding and fulfilling the need for forensic education, training and support within Schools of Social Work and the larger network of social work professional organizations

Jennie’s practice includes developing research, policy, educational planning and multidisciplinary collaboration to effectively structure policies, interventions, and social work services aimed at addressing the changing criminal and juvenile justice systems in the United States.



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