Margaret Lloyd

Master's of Social Work (MSW)

Social Workers Change Lives. Whether you are an undergraduate, a graduating college senior, a longtime social service worker or someone considering a career change, the UConn School of Social Work has something extraordinary to offer you. Realize your dreams, expand your knowledge and develop your skills and your vision of a more just world through our MSW Program.


UConn’s School of Social Work is in the top 20% of ranked MSW programs nationally

Longest-standing MSW Program in Connecticut with advanced concentrations: Individuals, Families and Groups; Community Organizing, Policy Practice

Affordable tuition – full-time, part-time, Advanced Standing option

Students can be involved in political social work, international social work, and pursue a joint degree

As a Policy Practice student, I was able to effectively implement change throughout the UConn School of Social Work, with use of educational and experiential skills that also aligned with the needs of the larger community here in Hartford, CT. This has helped me to become a well prepared social worker, policy practitioner, and leader assisting and advocating on behalf of marginalized communities."

Bree’Ana Johnson
MSW ’19