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Policy Analysis, Advocacy, Organizing and Civic Engagement

Faculty Research Interests
 Edna Comer Edna W. Comer, PhD
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Intervention-Research with Chronically Ill Populations (i.e., Sickle Cell Disease and Multiple Sclerosis); Interprofessional Education and Practice; Social Group Work
 Diane Drachman Diane Drachman, PhD
Associate Professor
Social work Practice with Immigrant and Refugee Populations; US Policies/Immigrants and International Population Movements
 Robert Fisher Robert Fisher, PhD
Community Organizing; Urban Policy; Social Movements; Social Theory; Social Welfare History
 Linda K. Frisman, PhD Linda K. Frisman, PhD (DMHAS)
Research Professor
Behavioral Health & Criminal Justice; Homelessness and Housing; Psychological Trauma; Gun Laws
 Dr. Ann-Marie Garran Ann Marie Garran, PhD, MSW, LCSW
Associate Professor
Culturally Responsive Social Work Practice; Mental Health Concerns of Urban, At-Risk Adolescents; Social Work Field Supervision; Developing & Enhancing Inclusive Approaches to Social Work Pedagogy; Anti-Oppression Work, Particularly Anti-Racism
 Alex Gitterman Alex Gitterman, EdD
Health and Mental Health; Social Work Practice; Group Work
 Scott Harding, PhD, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Assoicate Professor Scott Harding, PhD
Co-Director, PhD Program
Associate Professor
Community Organizing; War, Militarism, and Peace Activism; Political Social Work
 No Photo Available Kate Parr, PhD
Assistant Research Professor
DMHAS Research Unit Senior Staff
Economic Evaluation; Economics of Behavioral Health; Obesity and Health Behaviors; Costs of Homelessness; Child Welfare; Two Generation Family Poverty Alleviation Strategies
 Louise Simmons Louise Simmons, PhD
Urban Politics and Policy; Community Organization; Urban Issues; Welfare Policy; Economic Rights and Labor; The Impact of Welfare Policy Changes; Labor and Social Work; Community-Labor Partnerships
 Wendy Ulaszek, PhD Wendy Ulaszek, PhD
Associate Research Professor
DMHAS Research Unit Senior Staff
Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices; Assessment of Readiness to Change; Facilitation of Sustainable Organizational Change; Behavioral Health and Addictions Treatment; Evaluation of Mental Health and Addictions Programs; Correctional Population