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Nancy A Humphreys Institute for Political Social Work

The Humphreys Institute works to increase the political participation and power of all social workers and the communities they serve so public policy reflects our profession’s values and commitment to social justice. Our primary programs include:

  • The Campaign School for Social Work – teaching social workers how to run for elected office, work on campaigns and serve as advocates
  • Nonpartisan Voter Engagement – training students, faculty, and communities on the importance of voting and how to effectively integrate voter engagement it into service delivery and organizational culture
  • Community and Political Advocacy – building political power in communities through increased voter turnout and policies/education aimed at making voting easier, particularly for groups whose voices have not been heard ( individuals with felonies, low income, etc.)
  • Research – bringing together faculty from across the country to collaborate on research related to political participation, attitudes and behaviors of social workers and communities
  • Supporting Political Social Work as a Practice Specialization – exposing social workers to careers in political settings through field placements, training and networking.