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Graduate Student Organization


The Graduate Student Organization serves as the umbrella organization for the graduate student sub-organizations, concentration committees, and representatives to various school-wide committees. It provides and approves funding for these sub-organization and concentration committee activities and provides funding for school-wide activities such as guest speakers and special events.

The Graduate Student Organization is composed of all matriculated students at the School of Social Work. Those students who choose to be active in Graduate Student Organization may serve as officers and/or members of Graduate Student Organization (the umbrella organization), the sub-organizations, concentration committees, or other various school-wide committees. The level of student involvement and the strength of its active members generally determine the agenda for the year.

The Graduate Student Organization serves as the channel through which students voice their concerns. Students are encouraged to bring issues to the meetings where they may: a) be given clarification through discussion with other students or the dean, b) be directed to a pre-existing committee appropriate for handling the concern, and/or c) formulate an alternative action plan to solve the issue. The Graduate Student Organization is recognized by the faculty and administration as the voice of the student body and an appropriate channel for communication and change.

Coordination and leadership of the Graduate Student Organization shall be done by a steering committee comprised of not less than five and not more than seventeen students. Each spring and/or fall, students volunteer to serve as officers of the organization. If more than one student volunteers for a position, an election is held. The steering committee, composed of new and continuing students, coordinates the planning of educational, social and cultural events and facilitates the administrative functions of the organization for the academic year. The organization is advised by the Director of Student Services.

Sub-organizations operate under the umbrella of Graduate Student Organization. Each of these groups is concerned with significant issues of an identified population within the student body.

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