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Student Profiles: Achramowicz on Casework

Audrey Achramowicz, a UConn MSW student with a concentration in Casework, chose the UConn School of Social Work due to the small school atmosphere, competitive programming, and committed faculty.

Bachelor’s Degree: University of Saint Joseph, Psychology

Pursuing my MSW allows me to do more for the population I have been serving and hope to continue to serve. Working with children and adults with special needs for the past eight years, as well as having a brother with multiple disabilities, has exposed me to various issues within the population. I know that continuing my education will enable me to obtain the necessary skills to work clinically and professionally with my clients. Additionally, it is preparing me to work more effectively and efficiently with them. Choosing UConn School of Social Work was not a hard task. The small school atmosphere, competitive programming, and committed faculty made UConn the place for me. I knew that the environment would nurture my skills and abilities.

My first year in the program was amazing. I learned so much about the field and also about myself. Learning about the broader sense of social work in the first year brings awareness to issues on a macro/micro level. Macro Foundation Practice introduced me to the community organizing and policy practice side of the profession. My field placement also exposed me to the community outreach and administrative tasks involved in social work. I soon realized that even though my concentration in casework focuses on the micro level, I also must be engaged in the macro level of social work. It is the macro, “bigger picture” issues that will often be affecting my clients. Macro and micro social work practice are constantly working together and are constantly intertwined. Being aware of the societal factors that help or hurt individual clients is another way to be of better service to that person.

This year I am co-chairing both the Women’s Caucus and the Just Community Student Sub-Committee. My goal is to make the most out of my last year at the School of Social Work. I am looking forward to working with fellow students, faculty, staff, and administration in a new capacity.

My advice to new and prospective students would be to take advantage of all that the School of Social Work has to offer especially when it comes to further developing your professionalism as a social worker. Make it a point to get involved and stay connected. Join the Student Organization, attend a variety of events, start networking and get to know your professors. Get the most out of your time at the School. The things you learn will open your mind to new opportunities and experiences that you would never imagine or expect!