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Student Profiles: Bandurski on Group Work

Andrew Bandurski, MSW Student with a Concentration in Group Work, has made many valuable relationships at the School of Social Work that have helped him on his journey of pursuing his MSW degree.

Bachelor’s Degree: University of Connecticut, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

The reason that I chose to attend the UConn School of Social Work was for the methods they offer. It was my understanding that UConn’s School of Social Work was one of the few schools that offer a group work concentration. Facilitating groups is something that I enjoy and I felt the UConn School of Social Work was the best choice to help me become more prepared for working with groups.

The classes that I took for my first year really helped me with my field placement. The professors were very helpful in teaching the skills needed to help me succeed. I was able to understand the functions of micro and macro roles in class and apply it to my agency setting. The field advising seminars were also beneficial to me during my first year. These seminars allowed for students to process what they were experiencing during their field placement with their advisors and peers.

Unfortunately due to working full-time I have not had a lot of time to be involved with school activities. There are plenty of activities that you can be involved in if you choose to do so. Each method has its own committee which you can join. The committees help prepare special activities throughout the year for each method. There are various cultural groups that you can also join regardless if you are part of that culture. I was able to participate in the Student Organization “Meet and Greet” for the incoming first year students. I was nervous about this at first, but I ended up really enjoying this event. My role was to welcome new students to the School and offer them advice from what I experienced in my first year at the School. This is something that I would recommend for future 2nd year students.

I am involved with my local community on the weekend from where I grew up. I coach baseball and basketball for various ages in my community. This involvement has been very enjoyable and beneficial to me.

My advice to new and perspective students is to make sure you set time aside to relax and do something you enjoy. Time management is important because school /field can get chaotic at times, so make sure you make time for yourself. Developing relationships is also very important while going to this School. No one will understand what you are going through more than your classmates. I have made many valuable relationships that have helped me with the journey of pursuing my MSW.