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Student Profiles: Iyamu-Osagie on Policy Practice

Erica “E” Iyamu-Osagie, MSW Student with a Concentration in Policy Practice chooses International Issues in Social Work as her focused are of study

Bachelor’s Degree: University of Connecticut, Political Science and History

I honestly have to say, social work was not my profession of choice in the beginning. All through college, I was focused on attending law school. During and after college, I had the opportunity to work for several social service agencies. The experience that I gained working in the social service field, gave me the drive to pursue an MSW degree. I chose to apply for the University of Connecticut because it was the only school that made sense to me. I liked the fact that the School focuses on both micro and macro aspects of social work. There are not many schools, especially in this area, which gives its students the same opportunity.

Overall, my first year was a great experience. I was fortunate to meet a lot of great people and take a lot of interesting classes. The professors at the School were also great. They are very supportive and understood that students have a life outside of classes and placements. They were also there to answer the many questions and concerns that I had. My advisor was very knowledgeable and gave me a lot of encouragement. She was very helpful and coached me through my field placement and the realities of life.

My field placement was a positive experience. It introduced me to populations that I hadn’t worked with in the past. It gave me the opportunity to interact with diverse communities, participate in the political process, and get hands-on experience in macro practice.

During my first year, I did not have the chance to join any Student Organizations due to my busy schedule. This year I plan to get more involved and take full advantage of that opportunity.

My advice to future students is to “go for it!” Honestly, it will get difficult at times and there may be times when you may think you’ve reached your limit, but if you have the drive and passion to attend the School and become a social worker then everything will work out in the end!