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Student Profiles: Moore on Group Work

Thurston Dwight Moore, Jr., a UConn MSW student with a concentration in Group Work, chose the UConn School of Social Work due to the intriguing aspect the school has to offer with its five method concentrations and seven focused areas of study.

Bachelor’s Degree: Springfield College, Human Services

After receiving my Human Service degree from Springfield I continued working to provide for my family. I always wanted to go back to school but could not decide on a specific career track or what university to attend. I began researching different universities and spoke to co-workers who attended various programs. As I narrowed down the search, I read the UConn School of Social Work’s brochure. The intriguing aspect the school had to offer was its five method concentrations and seven focused areas of study. I realized at that moment going to UConn would allow me to become a well-rounded, school social worker.

As a non-traditional student, there are challenges, trials, and triumphs I have faced. Being a father, a husband, and full-time employee, I had to have patience and good time management skills. Some people say, “The greater the opposition, the bigger the opportunity.” As for me, these two areas were the most challenging in managing my program. Balancing family, school work, and a chronic illness were very difficult and there were times when one took precedence over the other. At times, I needed to self-reflect on my life and the goal of wanting to obtain my MSW.

Occasionally I wanted to give up and stop the program, but I pressed forward. Ultimately, the help in reaching my goal has come from faculty. For the most part, every faculty member I have crossed paths with along this journey has demonstrated empathy, compassion, understanding, and a willingness to see my fellow classmates and I succeed. When I complete this degree, I will be the first male in my family to have a Master’s degree so failing was not an option.

Due to my obligations I was unable to participate in school or campus events or join a sub-organization. However, I do appreciate the many opportunities offered to students to participate in if their schedule allows it. Although being involved in the school community has been a challenge, I actively participate in a Community Youth Basketball Summer Camp, a Bible Youth Camp, and providing Thanksgiving Food Baskets for Dialysis Patients in New Haven.

My advice to new incoming students whether you are a parent, full-time employee, or stay at home mom/ dad, is that managing your time is a key component. You need to try to have balance in all areas of your life while going to the UConn School of Social Work. Make sure to set aside time for studying, writing papers, your family, and most important, YOURSELF. Utilize the advice and expertise of the faculty to help you along this journey. Believe it or not they do understand where we are as students. They really have all students’ best interest at hand. Only you can prioritize what is important to do and when to do it. Your time is now, good luck and be blessed…

“The time is always right to do what is right” – Martin Luther King, Jr.