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Student Profiles: Sant on Policy Practice

David Sant, MSW Student with a Concentration in Policy Practice, finds the student community incredibly diverse with individuals from all over the country and world.

Bachelor’s Degree: Boise State University, Bachelors of Social Work

Throughout my undergraduate experience, I had a desire to complete my Master Degree in Social Work to continue my education. Up until 2 months before graduating with my BSW, I had planned on attending Boise State University to obtain that degree. After a chance encounter with a representative with the UConn School of Social Work at a conference in Atlanta, I chose to uproot myself from southwestern Idaho, where I grew up, and move to Connecticut.

As an advanced standing student, I have the opportunity of jumping into the MSW program with a year of generalist coursework under my belt. That being said, I have had to be involved with as much as I can, as I only have 9 months to be in the program. My classes have been absolutely invaluable as I am able to focus on my interests in social work, instead of the generalist program I would have had back in Idaho. The most rewarding part has been building social capital with professors as well as other students in the various methods both in classes and through my field placement at the School’s Center for International Social Work Studies. Faculty, staff and students have been very open and willing to assist in any way that they can, which has helped me to adjust to being in Connecticut. The student community is incredibly diverse with individuals from all over the country and world. The opportunities to be involved with the various student sub-organizations show the School’s commitment to diversity, human rights, and its passion to expand the knowledge base of the populations that social workers serve. There is an aura of excitement from the students here about their education and they are active in promoting social justice and human rights in both the School and the community.

For new and prospective students, this program will enable you to leave your comfort zone to be in a fresh new environment that is full of possibilities. Know that you are capable of leaving unfamiliar territory because this School will provide the tools to succeed, as long as you are willing to accept them. I did and my life is better for it.