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Non Degree Program Refund Policy

The Non Degree Program adheres to the University refund policy. Refunds or cancellations of charges are only issued when a student drops all enrolled classes in a given semester.

  1. In order to receive a 100% refund, students must complete the add/drop form contained in this catalog and submit it to the Social Work Registrar’s Office (by fax, mail or in-person) prior to the first day of classes. According to the University Calendar, the date for the Spring 2015 semester is Tuesday, January 20th.
  2. Refunds are available on the following schedule for students whose programs are interrupted or terminated prior to or during a regular academic semester. When notice is received prior to the first day of classes of a semester, full refund (less nonrefundable fees**) will be made if the fees have been paid in full. Thereafter, refunds or cancellations of refundable charges will be made according to the University Academic Calendar based on the following schedule:

    1st week* – 90%
    2nd week* – 60%
    3rd and 4th week* – 50%
    5th week through 8th week* – 25%
  3. In certain other instances, including illness, full refunds or cancellations of charges may be made at the discretion of the Director of the Non Degree Program.
  4. Refunds for special schedule classes will be issued if the add/drop form is received in the Registrar’s Office prior to the first published class meeting.

*Calendar weeks run Monday through Sunday. Regardless of the day of the week that the semester begins, the following Sunday ends the first calendar week.

**The late fee, enrollment fee, credit card convenience fee and e-check fee are non-refundable.