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Financial Aid for Non-Degree Students

Alternative Loans for Non-Degree Program Students

Non-Degree Program students are not eligible for regular financial aid but they can receive funding through alternative (private) loans. These loans are through commercial banks, have variable interest rates and require a credit check. To learn more or to apply, go to, scroll down to Alternative Loans and use the Learn More button. Instructions and links are here. The lender will ask for what school you are attending. Use UConn Storrs as your school as they process our loans.

  • When you register for your Non-Degree Program class, you must tell the Registrar that you intend to pay for your classes with an alternative loan. You will be registered and will have 10 days to obtain your loan. If after this date you have not obtained your loan or made other payment arrangements, you will be dropped from the classes.
  • When applying for an alternative loan, students must complete a loan application directly with a lender. The Office of Student Financial Aid Services has developed a list of suggested lenders that offer competitive loan programs and benefits to their borrowers. You have the right to choose to borrow through any alternative loan lender. Lender websites can be accessed directly from the Lender List. This list is on the web site listed above. Make sure you scroll all the way down to the Graduate Alternative loan lenders.
  • You will also have to fill out an alternative Loan information form which is on the website listed above. This provides information to the school which is required to process the loan.
  • Upon credit approval, our office will receive notification to certify eligibility for the loan, and funds will be sent to the school.

You must notify the Financial Aid Office at the School of Social Work that you are applying for an alternative loan. The lenders require that the School of Social Work develop Cost of Attendance for the term so they know how much can be lent. If this is not done, the loan is usually disapproved by the lender. The office can also track the loan and often times correct errors. For further information, please contact Rosario Schillinger at or call 860.570.9328.