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PhD Elective Courses

PhD StudentsYou will use elective credits to meet the requirement for six credits of advanced work in a related or supporting area appropriate to your plan of study. These courses must be advanced work outside the major field of study. You are expected to take elective courses at other UConn campuses.

In the belief that the social and behavioral sciences relate to and complement advanced studies in social work, doctoral students are expected to develop specialized knowledge in at least one substantive area identified with a social science discipline. Social work doctoral students participate in classes in other appropriate university schools or departments. These schools and departments may include, but are not limited to, Allied Health, Business, Economics, Family Studies, History, Political Science, Psychology, Education, Sociology, Law and Medicine. Courses are selected on the basis of their contribution to a unifying theme in your scholarship. The focus of the research interest may be on social problems significant to social work – problems related to physical and mental health, poverty, substance abuse, delinquency and criminal justice, etc. Alternatively, it may address particular populations such as the elderly, children and youth, disadvantaged minorities, or sexually and racially oppressed populations. Still other students may specialize in advanced interdisciplinary approaches, such as social work and law, social work and health, social work in industry or forensic social work.