Our Team

Meet our team!

List of People
Julie BartuccaJulie Bartucca, MBAInterim Communications Manager
Angela Bellas, MSWAngela Bellas, MSWangela.bellas@uconn.edu
Megan BertholdS. Megan Berthold, PhDAssociate Professor and Director of Field Education
megan.berthold@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3656
Jennifer Berton, PhD, LICSW, CADC-II
Breana Bietsch PhotoBreana Bietsch, MSWbreana.bietsch@uconn.edu
Kathy BirnieKathy Birnie, MSWProgram Assistant
kathy.birnie@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3603
Thomas Broffman, PhD, LICSW, CAADAC, CCS, CEAP
Lissie Brooks, LCSW
Lissie Brooks, LCSW
Tracie Bush, MA, CKPMT
Kimberly Campbell MSWKimberly Campbell, MSWAssistant Extension Professor
kimberly.a.campbell@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3632
Marilyn CardoneMarilyn Cardone, LCSWAssistant Director
marilyn.cardone@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3608
Kelsi CarolanKelsi Carolan, PhDAssistant Professor
kelsi.carolan@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3680
Lukas Champagne, MSWlukas.champagne@uconn.edu
Alberto Cifuentes, Jr., MSWjr_alberto.cifuentes@uconn.edu
Maureen Dimock Clark, MSW, LICSWMaureen Dimock Clark, MSW, LICSWmaureen.dimock@uconn.edu
Kayla ColeKayla Cole, MAEducational Program Assistant 2
kayla.cole@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3649
Joanne CorbinJoanne Corbin, PhDProfessor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
joanne.corbin@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3649
Antonia Cordero, DSW
CL Dominique Courts, MA, MFTC.L. Dominique Courts, MA, MFTdominique.courts@uconn.edu
Kathi Crowe, LICSW
Tessa Cugno, BAAdministrative Services Assistant 4
tessa.cugno@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3648
Lili Daoud, LCSW
Jeannette de Jesús, MSW, MPA
Donald deGraffenried, LCSW
Ralph Detri, LICSW, LCDP, MPH
Ralph Detri, LICSW, LCDP, MPH
Gina DeVivo BrassawGina DeVivo Brassaw, MSWField Education Coordinator
gina.devivo_brassaw@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3607
Mary Dineen-Elovich, LCSW
Kristene Doyle, PhD, ScD
drachman photoDiane Drachman, PhDAssociate Professor
diane.drachman@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3640
Cindy Dubuque-Gallo, LMSW, MATCindy Dubuque-Gallo, LMSW, MATcindy.dubuque-gallo@uconn.edu
Caitlin Elsaesser, PhDAssistant Professor
caitlin.elsaesser@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3671
John Engel
Catherine Ewing, LCSW, MDiv
Megan FeelyMegan Feely, PhDAssistant Professor
megan.feely@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3625
Grace Felten, MSWGrace Felten, MSWgrace.felten@uconn.edu
Michael FendrichMichael Fendrich, PhDProfessor and Associate Dean for Research
michael.fendrich@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3612
Richard Fisher, LCSW
Fisher head shotRobert Fisher, PhDProfessor
robert.fisher@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3623
Solandy Forte, PhD, LCSW, BCBA-D
Debra Franklin, LCSW
ann-marie-garranAnn Marie Garran, PhDAssociate Professor
annmarie.garran@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3651
Ann Marie Garran, PhD, LCSW
Anthony Gay
Jack Paul Gesino, DSW, LCSW
Sarah Gilbert, LCSW
William Gilbert, PhD, MSW, LCSW, AADC
Jillian Gilchrest, MSW
Misty Ginicola, PhD
Gitterman head shotAlex Gitterman, EdDProfessor
alex.gitterman@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3655
Jane Gross, MA, LCSW
Madri Hall-Faul, MSSWmaria.hall-faul@uconn.edu
Scott Harding, PhDScott Harding, PhDAssociate Professor and Co-Director, PhD Program
scott.harding@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3628
Monica Williams Harrison, LCSW
Robert Haswell, LCSWrobert.haswell@uconn.edu
Trisha Hawthorne-NobleTrisha Hawthorne-Noble, MSWCoordinator, Office of Student and Academic Services
trisha-ann.hawthorne@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3672
Crystal Hayes, MSWCrystal Hayes, MSWcrystal.hayes@uconn.edu
Heller head shotNina Rovinelli Heller, PhDDean, Zachs Chair in Social Work and Co-Director, PhD Program
nina.heller@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3649
Jill Holmes Brown, MSW, LCSW
Gio Iacono, PhDAssistant Professor
gio.iacono@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3624
Abigail Jackson, BAAssistant Director of Alumni Relations, Social Work &
ajackson@foundation.uconn.edu(959) 200‑3657
Cheryl Jackson-MorrisCheryl Jackson-Morris, MSWAssociate Director
cheryl.jackson-morris@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3609
Elizabeth Jurczak, MSWElizabeth Jurczak, MSWelizabeth.jurczak@uconn.edu
Irwin Krieger, LCSW
Brenda KurzBrenda Kurz, PhDAssociate Professor and MSW Program Director
brenda.kurz@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3635
John Lachack, MSWJohn Lachack, MSWjohn.lachack@uconn.edu
Beth Lapin, MSW, MA
Doris LaPlante, LCSW, LMFT
Heather LaSelle, MSW, MS, MPA, LCSWHeather LaSelle, MSW, MS, MPA, LCSWheather.laselle@uconn.edu
Regina Lester-Harriat, LMSWAssistant Professor in Residence
regina.lester-harriat@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3677
Joan Letendre, LCSW, PhD
Kathryn R. Libal, Ph.D.Kathryn Libal, PhDAssociate Professor and Director, UConn Human Rights Institute
kathryn.libal@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3633
Hsiu-Ju Lin, PhDHsiu-Ju Lin, PhDAssociate Research Professor
hsiu-ju.lin@uconn.edu(860) 418‑6662
Margaret Lloyd Sieger, PhDAssistant Professor
margaret.lloydsieger@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3653
Emily Loveland, MSWEmily Loveland, MSWemily.loveland@uconn.edu
Valorie Luther
Milagros Marrero-Johnson, MSWDirector of Strategic Programming
milagros.marrero-johnson@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3606
Molly McDonald, LMFT, CKPMT
Christopher Morse, MSW
Cynthia Nichol's PhotoCindy Nichols, LCSWcynthia.nichols@uconn.edu
Paula Nieman, MSW, LCSWPaula Nieman, MSW, LCSWpaula.nieman@uconn.edu
Jo Nol, PhD, MS, LCSW
Natalie O'ConnorNatalie O'Connor, BAProgram Assistant
natalie.o'connor@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3604
Nate OkpychNathanael Okpych, PhDAssistant Professor
nathanael.okpych@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3622
Amy Otzel, MA, MS, LPC
Peter Papallo, LCSW, MSPeter Papallo, LCSW, MSAssistant Extension Professor
peter.papallo@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3675
Rupal ParekhRupal Parekh, PhDAssistant Professor
rupal.parekh@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3627
Bruce Parkhurst, BSDirector
bruce.parkhurst@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3614
Jon Phillips, PhDAssistant Professor
jon.phillips@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3630
Deborah Poerio, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC
Deborah Poerio, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC
Jenna Powers, MSWjenna.powers@uconn.edu
Carmen RaglandCarmen RaglandFinancial Assistant I
carmen.feliciano_ragland@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3617
Salome Raheim, PhD, ACSW
Lisa Werkmeister Rozas, PhDLisa Werkmeister Rozas, PhDAssociate Professor and BSW Program Director
lisa.werkmeister_rozas@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3654
Beth SharkeyBeth Sharkey, MSWAssociate Director
beth.sharkey@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3620
Bernard Showers, LCSW, CAADC
Louise Simmons, PhDProfessor
louise.simmons@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3641
Tanya SmithTanya Rhodes Smith, MSWInstructor in Residence and Director, Nancy A. Humphreys Institute for Political Social Work
tanya.smith@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3631
Ellen SmithEllen Smith, PhDAssociate Extension Professor
ellen.smith@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3634
Marcus Stallworth, LMSW
Ken Steller, MS, MA
Frederick "Jerry" Streets, MDiv, DSW, LCSW
iris strong headshotIris Strong, BAAdministrative Services Specialist III
iris.strong@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3619
Philip Tedeschi, LCSW MSSW
jonathan the husky mascotJonthan the HuskyMascot, University of Connecticut
aaaaaaaa@uconn.edu(860) 000‑0000
Jonthan the HuskyMascot, University of Connecticut
aaaaaaaa@uconn.edu(860) 000‑0000
Rebecca ThomasRebecca Thomas, PhDAssociate Professor and Director, Center for International Social Work Studies
rlthomas@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3681
Jen Thomas-Giyerjennifer.c.thomas@uconn.edu
Carolyn TreissCarolyn Treiss, MSW, JDDirector of Development
ctreiss@foundation.uconn.edu(959) 200‑3658
Wendy Ulaszek, PhDAssociate Research Professor
wendy.ulaszek@uconn.edu(860) 418‑6762
Nancy UrcinasNancy UrcinasAdministrative Services Specialist II
nancy.urcinas@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3610
Maritza Vasquez Reyes, MA, LCSW, CCMmaritza.vasquezreyes@uconn.edu
Jennifer Vendetti, LMSW, CEIM
Aviva Vincent
Stacey Violante Cote, MSW, JD
Qur-an Webb, MSW
Lindsay WessellLindsay Wessell, MAAdministrative Services Specialist III
lindsay.wessell@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3621
Patricia Wilcox, LCSW
Cristina WilsonCristina Wilson, PhDAssociate Professor and Research Director, UConn Health, University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities
cristina.wilson@uconn.edu(959) 200‑3674
Teresa Works, MSW, LCSW, ACSWTeresa Works, MSW, LCSW, ACSWworks@uchc.edu