John Lachack, MSW

John Lachack, MSW is interested in the role child protection workers (CPS) can have in the permanency of youth who were formerly on their caseload.  Much research has been done on kin and connection and how these two concepts are integral in ensuring the best possible outcomes for youth in foster care.  There is little to no research on the role of CPS workers in being at the table as a potential kin/kith placement for these youth who are in non family settings or are “bouncing” from foster home to foster home.  CPS workers have a potential role that should be valued and explored further if we are really exploring ALL options for these youth.

University of Connecticut

Research Interests:
Child Protective Services Disproportionality and Disparity
Kinship Care and the Role of the CPS Worker

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John Lachack, MSW
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