Lukas Champagne, MSW

Lukas Champagne, MSW, earned his MSW (AM) degree from the University of Chicago with an emphasis in Global Social Development Practice. Following a nearly 20-year career as a cook and laborer, during which he volunteered as a youth advocate in family court for children in foster care, Lukas completed a BA in sociology, with a minor in human rights. During his graduate studies in Chicago, he worked with immigrant and refugee youth as a policy analyst, and political organizer, to change Language Access policy in Chicago Public Schools. Lukas also worked in Johannesburg, South Africa, analyzing and developing policy and direct practice interventions to address breakdowns in Foster Care placements, and as a case manager for 0-3-year-olds and their families on Chicago’s south side.

Lukas’s research interests aim to put critical race theory in conversation with the immigrant and refugee incorporation literature, to examine how race ideologies in the United States have worked to shape the experiences of immigrants and refugees at the policy level.

University of Chicago

Research Interests:
International Social Work
Human Rights
Forced Migration
Race and Ethnicity
Critical Theory
Social Welfare Policy

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