Maureen Dimock Clark, MSW, LICSW

Maureen Dimock Clark, MSW, LICSW is invested in research that focuses on implicit and explicit experiences of coercion among individuals with psychiatric illnesses and gaps within the mental health service delivery system that contribute to these experiences. This interest stems from working for over a decade in psychiatric crisis services conducting hundreds of psychiatric evaluations, as well as providing clinical training and supervision for all clinical staff.  Maureen’s current research is a critical phenomenological study on the lived experience of involuntary civil commitment in Massachusetts.  The objective of the study is to explore how individuals in early adulthood narrate and embody their experience of involuntary civil commitment, focusing on its connection to identity formation, and how societal values and ideologies related to mental illness impact the policy and practice of involuntary civil commitment.

Maureen is a licensed independent clinical social worker and an assistant professor of social work at Westfield State University.

Springfield College

Research Interests:
Psychiatric Crisis Intervention and Risk Assessment
Human Rights
Mental Health Recovery
Suicide Prevention and Intervention
Social Work Education

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Maureen Dimock Clark, MSW, LICSW
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