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Ph.D. Program

Preparing Graduates to Become National Leaders in Research and Education. Our doctoral students have immediate access to a robust community of faculty colleagues and a tight-knit alumni network. The curriculum reflects the powerful role research plays in relation to applied social work practice and knowledge building. Through your research, you will address pressing social problems and promote social justice and human rights.


Opportunities through graduate assistantships to work with faculty researchers — and to teach in our other degree programs

Working with our nationally and internationally known faculty, engage in innovative research through graduate research assistantships

Dedicated faculty provide intensive mentorship to developing scholars

Alumni successfully obtain faculty, research, and leadership positions across the country

One of the strengths of the UConn School of Social Work, and the reason why I applied, is their dedication to teaching, conducting research and integrating clinical social work issues with those of human rights and social justice."

Maritza Vasquez Reyes
Current Student