Scholarship Student Testimonials

Krystina Jackson
Krystina Jackson MSW Candidate '20

Dear Alumni and Donors,

Before knowledge of my acceptance to the University of Connecticut School of Social Work, I received the Mary Borecki-Buck Scholarship, dedicated to non-degree students pursuing their passions in social work. As someone who lives independently, this scholarship has helped me afford my graduate degree and has relieved some of the stresses most students feel about money. This award also solidified my pursuit in a master’s in social work as it validated that this was the place where I needed to be.

Attending the School of Social Work has meant so much to me throughout this first year of studies. I have found people that align with similar values to mine and believe fiercely in necessary change for underserved communities. Apart from how much this has aided in my learning, the opportunity to meet diverse students with similar interests has helped me find community. I now can move confidently into my second year knowing that more opportunities lie ahead with chances to meet more folks with similar passions to mine. Graduating with my MSW will now be an important milestone in my life and I have this scholarship to thank for helping me get there.


Dear Alumni and Donors,

Paying tuition is difficult for me at the moment, especially when balancing part-time work, interning and attending class. I received the Mary Deane-Scalora Endowment Fund. This scholarship provides some relief and peace of mind that is greatly appreciated! I hope you continue to help other students like myself. Seeing others provide support without obligation instills hope in this divided and cynical society we live in.

Kelby Sandoval