Training Grants with Student Stipends

In the past several years, the School of Social Work has been awarded federally funded training grants on workforce development that include specialized coursework, field training seminars, and competitive student stipends. These interprofessional grants address access to behavioral health care for underserved populations. This year alone, nearly $300,000 was awarded to MSW students in training stipends.

Currenlty, the School has a three year grant (2018-2021) from the Human Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to provide training in integrated healthcare to 20 advanced year MSW students annually.  The Integrating Care Across the Lifespan (ICAL) program, under the direction of Dr. Catherine Medina and Dr. Edna Comer, will increase integrated behavioral health practices for underserved populations throughout CT by expanding the number of prepared social work professionals entering the behavioral health field.

MSW students will receive training to enhance their knowledge and capacity to provide services in an integrated care setting. Integrated care is an emerging model of healthcare that emphasizes the seamless combination of primary health care, mental health and substance abuse services. This model underscores the importance of working inter-professionally and coordinating treatment for all aspects of a patient’s health, as there are substantial links between physical and mental well-being. This interprofessional collaboration looks at quality patient-centered care throughout the life span.

The ICAL program will award students a $10,000 stipend.