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Welcome to the Puerto Rican and Latin@ Studies Project (PRLSP)! As the Project Director I am excited to share with you our work at the PRLSP.  The Project is unique because of its mission to advance the well-being of Latin@s through education, research and community engagement on local, national and global levels.  It is one of the few Projects of its nature in schools of social work in the United States.  The PRLSP has been referenced and used a as model in various arenas such as the Council on Social Work Education and different social work programs throughout the nation.  We are currently comprised of five Latina tenured faculty, Dr. Cristina Wilson, Dr. Antonia Cordero, Dr. Catherine Medina, Dr. Lisa Werkmeister Rozas (Director), and Dr. Miriam Valdovinos.

The mission of the PRLSP is to help prepare social workers to competently serve individuals, groups, families, and organizations within Latin@ communities through research, teaching, and service; to increase the advancement of knowledge and research regarding Puerto Rican and Latin@ matters. We focus our work on meeting our mission, first in creating research and innovation on Latin@ issues, second in teaching and learning through a focused area of study on Latin@ issues in our MSW program, and finally through outreach and engagement in our community.

Our Project 2015-2017 vision is about the dissemination of knowledge and research regarding Puerto Rican and Latin@ matters to our community.  We have heightened our outreach efforts, with an updated website and Facebook presence, and we are unveiling a new logo and colors for the PRLSP.  In addition we have begun a new initiative of a semiannual newsletter and policy and practice briefs that will add to the knowledge base for community providers.  Our newest initiative will include the development and creation of an additional curriculum component to the focused area of study that will be for training MSWs who can work with Spanish speaking populations.

Please take a look at our website, join our mailing list, and “like” us on Facebook!  I look forward to sharing the exciting work of the PRLSP!

Dr. Lisa Werkmeister Rozas, PhD
Associate Professor
Director, Puerto Rican and Latino Studies Project
Chair, Research Curriculum Unit

Phone: (959) 200-3654
Office: 311 SSWB